Sunday, August 22, 2010

Think Out Of The Box

I was out doing what I love to do today which is to spend the day looking for treasures....first went to an antique auction....great pieces were going if you were in the market for larger pieces....I was looking for a nice antique piece to paint and then to embellish with hand-painted speciality...then on to two of my favorite shops here in I am back on the computer looking for a vintage scarf...I want a Chanel or Versace or Hermes....I need some gold on the piece and would prefer a jolt of berry pinks and I going to wear this? No....I need it for a small antique french gilt bench....I have been looking for antique fabrics for a few pieces in my master and everything was looking a little too fussy...I was wanting something a little more fun and out of the box...I found a few that were reasonable? (what's reasonable when you are looking for the perfect piece once its' stuck in your mind??!!?) and lucked up that the one I really liked was a silk twill so it will be a little hardier.  I have a great upholsterer that is use to my odd requests and I suppose we will back the scarf first and then cover the seat.  I am only looking to be sure that there is not any dry rot with older pieces of vintage or antique fabric (especially silk) because then its' useless. You can usually take an end and put up next to your ear and if you pull apart very gently and hear a crackling then there is dry rot OR the piece will just tear in two and you will know for sure!  When buying on line always be sure that a piece is clean and stated as such...leave the pieces that need TLC to the professionals...

I will see which scarf I end up with and will look for a nice silk flat or old...and then will have tacks nailed on top of the braid to finish off the piece.....Is this piece meant to be functional?   Not really...its in the entrance to the master suite and not in a place where too many people are likely to sit anyways...but if someone did,  then it should hold up just fine...the purpose of the piece is just to be beautiful and a little start digging through your relatives drawers for designer scarves..(they make great pillows as well )...Color is everywhere, not just your walls...and when thinking about your wall color you need to think ahead to where you will eventually place color throughout the room besides your walls...i.e. bedding, curtains, rugs, lamps, books, fresh flowers, painted furniture, ceilings, lamp shades and yes perhaps a designer silk just have to realize that all these elements come into play and must balance each other in their placement...and we haven't even gotten to texture yet!  ColorJedi

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  1. Cool info, Kathleen! I like that you enjoy the process as much as the are living a beautiful life. ~Kim