Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Back!

Just when you thought it was safe.  You have sweated and pulled and scrapped and it still won't come down.
  WALLPAPER.  Yes,'s BACK.  " They " say history repeats itself...and I guess its' true, both in war and in design.  Yes, wallpaper is back and its' not your Grandma's paper anymore. What happened to the industry?  Back in the 80's and 90's we loved excess.  Paper  everywhere...borders everywhere...We took the saying " Too much is never enough" literally with paper...then it became poorer quality ,  prices plummeted,  and some builders used it to cover poor sheet-rock jobs, or lack thereof.  We abused It and then we killed It.  But now it is back.... bigger and better....The quality is superior...the scale is oversized and a hand-painted design.  The colors are either bright and bold,  for the pop we need to work in with the light fresh neutrals or we have texture texture texture...texture with fabulous grasscloths over metallics, embroidered grasscloths, papers with 3-D hand silk-screened dimension, and yes for those that live in the moment, papers with custom embellished Swacorski crystals, glitter, mica, sand and recycled glass bead embellishments.  So its back but we will go back on the next blog and look at the fascinating History of Paper.


  1. Kathleen, thank you SO much for your help on Monday, choosing colors for my kitchen, dining room, bathroom and laundry room. The painters just eft and I am THRILLED with the results!!
    Melody LeBaron

  2. it is so scary to think wallpaper is back, so much easier to paint over a color when it gets tired, then it is to take down wallpaper. I do love the designs that I have seen of late though!